Giving You The Tools You Require
To Provide Exemplary Service

We are intimately acquainted with the tasks you are called on to perform because we’ve performed them or oversaw their performance for years. And we kept meticulous track of each and every one. We’ve lived and learned (the hard way). With Nyumba Kumi Management System, we invite you to reap the benefit of our experience picking up what’s fallen through the cracks.

We know the jumble of disconnected methods you’re using isn’t serving you.
What’s our better idea? Full digitization and customization in the palm of your hand.

Our system allow you to input every piece of information you need to ensure your estate or community runs like a well-oiled machine. Not just what must be done but HOW it must be done. No detail is too small to be captured and revisited on demand. Update as needed. In other words, manage “your” estate — in all its glorious specificity — from wherever you are.

It’s Time To Up Your Game

You’ve spent years manually handling estate records from estate payments to visitor management, gate passes and hundreds of hours hiring and training the right team. You’ve created processes and procedures and had numerous instructional sessions about how the related work should be performed. But you lack an integrated, all-in-one system for syncing information and tracking accountability, a secure fail-safe that even your least-tech-savvy team member can use.

You’ve Come To The Right Place

Nyumba Kumi Management System delivers the forward-looking management tool you’ve been missing. It’s time to go above and beyond “business as usual.”
Because, honestly, aren’t you ready to provide the world-class service you’ve been envisioning?
Nyumba Kumi Management System supplies a single structure to put every aspect of your estate tasks at your fingertips — from anywhere.


Estate & Apartment Management Simplified!

Nyumba-Kumi Software System  is an ideal way to manage complete housing society or neighborhood maintenance tasks. It has different user roles such as:- ~ Admin, Resident members, Gatekeepers and Accountant Users.
~ Manage Utilities and Service Providers,
~ Communicate Easily and Efficiently,
~ Automate Repetitive Administrative Tasks,
~ Lower Management & Administrative Costs by up to 50%,
~ Automate Revenue Collection

Focus on what matters most!

Surveil Everything

We provide support and assistance to make sure you get the most out of our solution, we seek to improve to make it easier, faster and more efficient to use.
We strive to make the Nyumba-Kumi very easy to use, by conducting trainings on changes made to improve your management.
Helping Support:-
We are available to help you in case you get stuck or need clarification.


Designed to help you manage the estate with maximum efficiency and minimum stress

All User, Committee, Document & Asset Management.


Visitor Management, Parking Manager, Facilities Management


A Complete Apartment & Estate Management Software.


Frequently asked questions

Nyumba-Kumi Real Estate Management Software FAQs answer the financial, operational, and administrative tasks associated with leasing and rental management. The frequently asked questions includes the cost, features, payment system, benefits, reporting protocols, time to be taken set up and run etc.

1What you get after buying our product?
Nyumba-Kumi Management System provides the number one platform in Kenya for an estate, community or neighborhood to self manage, we provide support in the event we are contacted.
2Is it possible to buy the product?
Whilst we do not sell the software, we offer White Labeling through a Licensing model. Feel free to reach out to us for this.
3How do residents pay bills?
The estate or owner of building sets up its PAYBILL number in the system where the tenants account can pay up directly in the platform.
4How Much Does Nyumba-Kumi Real Estate Property Management Software Cost?
Prices vary depending on key factors like number of team members and users in a given estate. Contact us for receiving a free quote for your business requirements.
5What Are Some Common Nyumba-Kumi Real Estate Property Management Software Features?
Common features of Nyumba-Kumi include:

  • Lease and Tenant management
  • Tenant Document Management
  • Automatic Penalty Generation for overdue
  • General ledger and accounting
  • Maintenance management
  • SMS and e-mail functionality for communication
6Will I Be Able To Track Deposits, Monthly Dues, And Other Payments In This Software?
Yes, you can set up payment amount and dates for each tenant you leased and keep track of it. Send invoices and communicate with tenants directly from the software.
7What Are The Benefits Of Using Nyumba-Kumi Estate Management Software?
Real estate property management software optimizes leasing and rental management for property managers and tenants. Real estate property management systems also offer bulk and automated emailing, letting managers communicate with tenants quickly and easily.

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